Private jet! Tourist has plane to himself on flight to paradise island

Lucky holidaymaker was only person on passenger plane to Boracay

Private jet! Tourist has plane to himself on flight to paradise island

A video capturing the moment a lucky holidaymaker found himself to be the only passenger on a flight to a paradise island has gone viral.

Alex Simon, 28, from Austria, said he felt like a "superstar" when he had the entire plane to himself on a Philippine Airlines flight from Manila to Boracay.

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The cabin crew took it in turns to take pictures of Alex, who was also allowed into the cockpit to meet the pilots.

At the airport, Alex was told the flight was going to take off an hour and a half earlier than the scheduled time as there was no one else boarding.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he said: "I was little bit surprised and I couldn't believe it. I thought I was dreaming. Later while boarding I just realised that it's gonna be a special flight because this time I didn't even need to line up."

"I took my seat then I asked the flight attendant lady if I can sit next to the window.

"She just answered, 'You can sit anywhere, because you're the only one passenger'."

Alex was told that the flight was usually packed with passengers.

According to Stuff, he added: 'It was an unforgettable feeling to take a flight to the one of the most beautiful islands of the world, but to be alone and feel like a superstar it made it more special.'

"I just had luck, I think, that no one else was interested on this day to fly to paradise."

Alex uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel, Diary of Alex, last February, but it's just gone viral on social networking sites.

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 miles) south of Manila and 2km off the northwest tip of Panay Island.

It's famous for its stunning White Beach, which very much lives up to its name with icing sugar sand and azure sea.

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