'Woman crying' on Avon Gorge turns out to be goat bleating (video)

You've got to be kidding? Police Air Service called to a notorious suicide spot to investigate

Mysterious Female Cries Turn Out To Be Bleats Of A Loud Goat

Police in Bristol recently received an emergency call alerting them to sounds of a woman in distress.

According to the caller the wails were coming from a local beauty area which is known as a notorious suicide spot.

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Given the terrain, a search by foot wasn't possible - so a helicopter from the National Police Air Service was dispatched to find the source of the chilling screams on Sunday.

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The source of the cries was eventually located - but this was no distressed woman: it turned out to be a particularly loud goat.
NPAS Filton posted a picture of the goat on Twitter with the caption: "1650hrs Avon Gorge searching for person who sounded in distress. We may have found the culprit!"

Pun-filled responses to the photo soon flooded in on Twitter including: 'That's not the culprit, that's just a scapegoat!' from Andrew Shanks and 'You goat to be kidding me?' from Dean Seymour.

Ollie Dismore, from the NPAS, told the BBC: "A National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter was yesterday involved in a response to a 999 call at the Avon Gorge in Bristol."

"As the difficult nature of the terrain meant that a search on foot would not be possible by the local Avon and Somerset police force, they called in the police helicopter to take on the search and NPAS Filton responded to the call."

A spokesman for the NPAS said: "The police appreciate the efforts of this caller as they do all callers who support their work by alerting them to incidents which they may otherwise not be made aware of."

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