Storm Jonas: Pilot forced to abort landing at Manchester Airport

Skilful pilot filmed performing go-around as strong winds hit the UK


A Flybe pilot was filmed aborting a landing at Manchester Airport as strong winds caused by Storm Jonas hit the area on Tuesday.

The flight was seen battling the winds on approach to the airport as it was pulled from side to side.

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Manchester Evening News reports that as the aircraft prepared to land on the runway, it suddenly pulled up and flew in a circle.

In another video filmed by Manchester Evening News' Matt Ratcliffe, a Thomas Cook flight is seen landing on the runway as it is hit by the strong winds.

A Manchester Airport spokesman told the newspaper that "go-arounds are a very common, non-emergency procedure seen daily at airports".

The spokesman added that they happen when there is low visibility or poor weather on approach.

In November, a Flybe flight arriving at Birmingham Airport ended up with a bit of a rocky landing due to strong cross winds.

As it landed, the aircraft veered severely towards the right hand side of the runway while still in the air.

The unstable plane approached the ground while appearing to bounce a little on the air above the runway. It then began to taxi along the runway while swerving dramatically to the right.

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