Passenger asked to restrain man who tried to open plane door

British man tells how he helped to tie up man on KLM flight

Passenger asked to restrain man who tried to open plane door

A British man has told how he had to help pin down a "psychotic" man who tried to open the plane door on a KLM flight.

The incident occurred this week on a flight travelling from Thailand to Amsterdam.

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The flight had to be diverted to Warsaw after the 25-year-old Swedish man ran amok on the plane.

Four passengers were required to assist cabin crew in restraining the man.

One of the four, Adam Bohle, 35, from Harrogate, told the MailOnline that he he had seen the man behaving strangely during the flight.

He told how he held the top half of the man's body down while others secured his feet with cable ties.

He said the man was "very strong" and had "tried to open the door".

According to, KLM spokesperson Lisette Ebeling-Konind told the Swedish newswire TT: "He was totally psychotic and insane. He tried to open the aircraft door."

Dutch journalist Annemart van Rhee also told the site: "It was terrifying. A Swedish man (...) started to hit himself and scream. Everyone was scared, including the flight attendants."

After being restrained, the man was handed over to Polish police at Warsaw airport.

Passengers then sat on the tarmac for three hours after damage was found on a door, before they were removed and spent the night in hotels.

They flew on to Amsterdam the following morning.

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