Monkeys sneak into woman's backyard and have a pool party

Animals even enjoy dive bombs on the hot day

Monkeys sneak into woman's backyard and have a pool party

It might be too cold for a dip in the pool for some but for these monkeys it's the best way to cool down in the hot South African weather.

The cheeky group of monkeys sneaked into a garden to get some much needed refreshment - splashing and monkeying around in a pool.

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The cute animals showed off their skills by performing smooth underwater dives and jumping in head first. They also found much amusement in the floating leaves on the water surface.

This was much to the delight of the owner of the pool – Barbara von Etzdorf, from Prestondale, Umhlanga, South Africa.

The group have been visiting her garden for close to ten years but this was the second time they ever used her pool.

Barbara said: "I was amazed and knew I was probably witnessing something special. They were also doing running leaps and dive bombs in to the pool, which I just watched and enjoyed.

"When I showed friends and family the photos, they were amazed and asked me to take a video clip next time.

"On a hot day, they swam again for around an hour.

"They swam lengths across the splash pool, obviously enjoying themselves thoroughly. They appeared to be subadults and not fully grown adults – in the deep shadows under the trees you can see the newborns with their mothers watching the action."

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