'Overworked' tourist carriage horse collapses in street

Shocking picture as exhausted horse faints

'Overworked' tourist carriage horse collapses in street

A distressing picture has emerged online of a carriage horse used to give tourists trips around a Mexico town collapsed on the pavement.

The "overworked and underfed" animal, called John, passed out on the street while still attached to the cart in Cozumel.

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A crowd of people can be seen looking on in horror, and one man, presumed to be a tourist, attempts to comfort the horse.

According to the Daily Mail, witness Nolasco Tere Rios posted the image on Facebook and claimed that the animal had bolted before collapsing.

He suggested that the government needs to enforce rules banning the use of the animals to transport tourists.

Speaking to the Riviera Maya News, Rafael Chacón Díaz, director of the Department of Ecology and Environment, said John had collapsed due to being overworked and poorly fed.

He said the horse had been transferred to the animal control centre of Cozumel where he was examined and was recovering.

There are 15 two-wheeled horse-drawn carriages on the island and only one inspector.

Mr Diaz said that unfortunately this kind of incident is not uncommon.

Regulations are in place to endure carriage drivers respect parking spaces and cleanliness, but there appear to be no rules to protect the animals, he added.

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