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Thinking about where to go on holiday in 2016?

Aren't we all - but post-Christmas wallets can limit the choices just a tad.

Most of us will take at least one city break this year - but it can be exceedingly difficult to work out exactly where and when to go to get the most bang for your buck (and get the best weather too).

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So it's rather handy that our friends at have created a pricing calendar (below) to help us find the best value-for-money destination for each month of the year.

To come up with these recommendations, the search engine's data specialists looked at the average price per night of four-star accommodation in some of the most popular cities in Europe.

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Then, to determine which cities to recommend for which month, they looked at the yearly overview of pricing fluctuations to find the best weeks to stay in the chosen destinations.

These were not always the absolute cheapest week of the year (the weather is important for enjoyment, after all) but they still had attractive pricing and temperatures compared to other weeks in the same city.

Factors such as a city's local events and holidays were also accounted for, as these can often affect an accommodation's rates.

The result? Check out this perfectly priced itinerary of places to check off your travel bucket list for 2016.

Month by month 2016: Where to go for value for money

Month by month 2016: Where to go for value for money

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