Big freeze begins next week with temperatures as low as -10C

Weather forecasters warn of very wintry spell with frosts, ice sleet and snow

Winter weather November 21st 2015

Weather forecasters have warned that the unseasonably mild weather will be replaced by freezing temperatures next week as the Met Office issues severe yellow warnings for ice across Scotland.

As parts of Aberdeenshire recovers from flooding, Met Office forecaster Daniel Panton-King tells the Daily Mirror: "From Tuesday night and into Wednesday temperatures will fall close to freezing quite widely over northern England, the Midlands and Wales.


"In some areas of the Cairngorms or Grampians this could drop to minus 10C Wednesday night and into Thursday."

Meteorologist Leon Brown, at The Weather Channel, also says a very wintry spell is to come - with frosts, ice sleet and snow.


"Some severe frosts are likely over the north with -10C possible. We will still have to watch the threat of a more widespread spell of sleet and snow moving from the west across south and central areas late next week and weekend," he says.

"This weekend, the south will become quite wet on Saturday afternoon and evening so if you have anything planned outdoors do it early in the day.

"Another band of rain, sleet and hill snow will move northwards over Northern Ireland and southern Scotland to central Scotland. The wettest areas are expected to be south Wales and southern England where 15 to 30mm is likely in the 24 hours."

Mr Brown adds that temperatures will be mild over the south at 9 to 11C but only 0 to 5C over Scotland.

For Sunday, he says: "The south will be much nicer with sunshine and just isolated showers over central to south-east England but more frequent showers over the south-west and west Wales. The north will remain unsettled on Sunday with rain, sleet and hill snow. Another 10 to 20cm of snow is likely over the higher ground in central Scotland, with temperatures 8 to 9C in the south of England but colder over central areas at nearer 6C and not far from 0C over central Scotland."

Leon explains that the weather next week is still uncertain but will "turn quite a bit colder so there will be night frosts and also wintry showers".

The south may start quite wet on Monday with some sleet and snow over higher ground for central Britain. There is a risk of sleet and snow showers across many areas late Wednesday to Thursday, but this could change.

He adds that late next weekend could bring less cold weather moving in from the west with rain preceded by snow.

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