Girl falls off hoverboard, jumps into swimming pool to save it (video)

Hilarious video shows girl tumbling into water after gadget


They may be the must-have gadget of the moment, but that doesn't mean the boards that don't hover are easy to ride, as one girl discovered when she took her new 'hoverboard' out for a spin near a swimming pool and ended up jumping into the water after it.

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A video uploaded to YouTube by her brother shows the girl trying to stay steady on her hoverboard before she falls off and it lands in the swimming pool.

Determined to save her gadget, the girl jumps head first into the water to grab it.

Austin Malone shared the hilarious video on YouTube and wrote: "After two hours of my sister using it..."

In December, actor Russell Crowe was criticised by a flight attendant after slamming Virgin Australia for not allowing his children to check in their hoverboards at Sydney Airport.

Following the 51-year-old vowing "never again" to fly with the airline, American flight attendant Heather Poole took to Twitter and wrote: "How is it that everyone knows hoverboards have been banned on airplanes except @russellcrowe? Proof he follows the wrong people."

In another tweet, she said: "Can I 'slam' Russell Crowe for caring more about his children's luxurious Christmas gift than the safety of the airplane? @CNN".

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