Woman threatens to blow up plane in luggage row

Female passenger told hand luggage too big for cabin

Woman threatens to blow up plane in luggage row

A woman threatened to "blow up the plane" when she was told she couldn't take her oversized luggage on board.

The incident occurred at Jazan Airport in Saudi Arabia, and saw the woman escorted off the plane.

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The aircraft, as well as the woman's belongings, had to be thoroughly checked.

The woman, believed to be a professor at a Saudi Arabian university, refused to be separated from her bag and threatened to blow up the plane if it was taken from her, reports the Daily Mail.

According to the Gulf News, the pilot contacted airport police and the plane was taken to an isolated area of the airport for security checks.

An inspection of the plane and the luggage proved there was no threat, and the plane was subsequently allowed to take off.

The female passenger was removed from the flight and it is not clear if charges have been made against her.

GDN Online reports that the woman was Egyptian, and that the flight had been en route to Cairo.

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