Traffic camera captures beautiful image of snowy owl in flight

Stunning owl caught on camera on Montreal

Snowy Owl Flys Towards Traffic Camera in Montreal

A traffic camera above a motorway in Montreal, Canada, has captured stunning images of a snowy owl in flight.

The animal was captured flying towards the CCTV camera at the intersection of Autoroute 40 and the Boulevard des Sources, in the West Island of Montreal, on the morning of 3 January, reports the Guardian.

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Quebec transport minister Robert Poeti shared the photographs on Twitter and Facebook, and now the owl has gone viral.

According to the Daily Telegraph, his caption (translated), read: "Magnificent snowy owl picked up by surveillance cameras of the road network on the A-40 in the West of MTL."

McGill Bird Observatory director Barbara Frei suggested the bird was probably looking for a place to perch.

Speaking to CBC News, she said: "I think they are attracted specifically to the highway because it has open, grassy fields nearby which is perfect for hunting their favourite prey, which is small rodents.

"They like to get a good lay of the land and the high lamp posts or other posts that they can perch on while hunting just suits them perfectly.

"They'll migrate to their 'winter vacation,' which can be all the way down to southern Canada, in the Montreal region or places in Ontario."

According to Wikipedia, the snowy owl is a large, white owl of the typical owl family. Snowy owls are native to Arctic regions in North America and Eurasia.

Younger snowy owls start with darker plumage, which turns lighter as they get older. Males are almost all white, while females have more flecks of grey plumage.

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