Blake Lively poses with fake shark bite after filming new movie

Actress pictured on the set of The Shallows


Blake Lively shared a behind-the-scenes photo from new film The Shallows, showing the actress with a bloody leg from a fake shark attack.

The 28-year-old is seen wearing the top half of a wet suit and bikini bottoms while standing on foot on a rock.

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Blake captioned the photo: "No, I wasn't actually attacked by a shark. That definitely would've affected my 2015 ...and my balance #TheShallows #Movie #BehindTheScenes P.S. How rad did I feel for not falling off the rock for this pic..."

In The Shallows, Blake stars as a young woman stranded on a buoy as a great white shark circles the waters between her and the shore.

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Lively was photographed wearing a bikini on the set of the movie on Lord Howe Island, New South Wales late last year.

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