Beautiful moment gorilla strokes new baby brother's head (video)

Babies bonding at London Zoo is super-cute

Beautiful moment gorilla strokes new baby brother's head (video)

London Zoo has shared a beautiful picture and video of an infant gorilla affectionately stroking her new baby brother's head.

Female infant Alika, who turned one on 10 December, has been showering her two-week-old sibling with affection, tentatively touching his head and stroking his face while he sleeps in his mother's arms.

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Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo have revealed that the baby has been named Gernot, after the partner of a generous donor who has helped to support the Zoological Society of London's (ZSL) international work for wildlife.

Born to 22-year-old female Effie and 17-year-old silverback Kumbuka on Wednesday 25 November, Gernot can most often be seen tightly snuggled in Effie's arms.

Gorilla keeper Glynn Hennessy said: "Baby gorilla Gernot has quickly become the centre of attention at ZSL London Zoo's Gorilla Kingdom, but one-year-old Alika has embraced her new role of the doting big sister.

"Western lowland gorillas live in troops and learn how to act from observing each other's behaviours and manners and here we can see Alika demonstrating some of the nurturing skills she's learned from the adults.

"As keepers we not only get to celebrate the important milestone of Alika's first birthday, and marvel at how independent she's becoming, but we get to witness these incredible, natural interactions between her and Gernot."

Visitors to ZSL London Zoo can see Gernot and Alika with the rest of the troop in Gorilla Kingdom.

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