Bus driver that gave £5 to homeless man gets Christmas surprise

Kindhearted bus driver gets treated by moved passenger


Bus driver that gave £5 to homeless man gets Christmas surprise

A passenger was so moved by a bus driver's act of kindness that he decided to reward him for it.

Faris Khalifa was on a bus in Liverpool last week when the driver, named Stephen Humphris, called him over and gave him £5. He asked Faris if he would mind running it over to an elderly homeless man across the street.

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When Faris got home, he felt so moved by the act that he wanted to repay the driver's kindness. He explained on Facebook what happened next.

Faris wrote: "I called around my friends who run and work at local businesses, asking if they can donate something to give as a present. To thank him for being a shining example of what this city is. My job was to try and find him, which I did.

"The response I got back from local businesses was jaw dropping. Everyone I spoke to, without hesitation donated some of the coolest things ever: A bottle of Rum from The Jacaranda! A bottle of bourbon from the lads in Tavern on the Green! 2 memberships cards and a bar tab from Independent Liverpool! A basket of cheese from The Liverpool Cheese Company! A burrito & beer for two courtesy of Evil Eye! www.MikeBrits.com helped me organise everything And last but not least, Mr. Miyagi, one of the prettiest restaurants in town went all baller and waxed on/waxed off a voucher for dinner for two and a bottle of wine worth £50!"

Bus driver that gave £5 to homeless man gets Christmas surprise

Faris continued: "So I get in touch with Stephen and arrange to meet him under the pretence of giving him a thank you card (wish I had a hidden camera crew). He shows up and before I even say anything, he asks me if I'm going to town, hands me his old army sleeping bag and asks me to give it to someone who needs when I get there.

"This was the second time he nearly made me cry. This ex army, married father of one is the embodiment of what this city is. Pure love for all who need it.

"In these dark times around the world, it's easy to get lost in the sea of negativity. I thought we would shine a light on something positive, someone great, make an example of someone who should be an example, lest we get lost in the dark.

"So as you can see, with people like Stephen around, with people like Scousers around, you'll never walk alone. When I say Liverpool is the greatest place on earth, I say it as fact."

Facebook users have all given a positive response to the story, with one writing: "Amazing. We could and should all try and channel a bit of this guy in our day to day lives. It's the small things that make the biggest difference."

Another said: "Well done. Keep the love going xx."

And bus driver Stephen himself wrote: "Thanks for all your amazing comments but as Faris says it's about getting more people to do it. As an ex-soldier it's a subject very close to me. A massive amount of ex-service men come out of the army with mental health problems and end up on the streets. This is just an example, we don't know their story so take five mins and find out. Much love to you all."

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