View from the cockpit of a vintage plane (video)

Watch first-hand footage of the F-22 Raptor soaring through the skies

A 360º View From the Cockpit of a Vintage Plane

This captivating cockpit footage was shot from the back seat of a P-51 ValHalla belonging to the Heritage Flight Museum.

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The pilot, Greg Anders, is joined by Major John "Taboo" Cummings in an F-22 Raptor as they cruise through the skies at the Abbotsford International Air Show.

The film gives us the chance to witness the journey of a fighter jet as it thunders through the sky.

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The footage shows the plane soaring over unidentifiable cities with the gleaming horizon in the distance.

Throughout the film another plane can be seen flying alongside the Raptor before they both come in to land, but not before a number of tricks and stunts have been performed.

The clip was shot by Lyle Jansma, an aviation photographer and creator of the app Cockpit360º.

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