Naples battered by giant hailstones: video

Hailstones the size of ping pong balls smash windows and injure animals

Naples Pummelled by Hailstones the Size of Ping Pong Balls

Naples and the Italian was battered by giant hailstones this weekend, shocking locals and holidaymakers alike.

The footage shows enormous blocks of ice thundering down from the sky.

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The sheer size of the stones becomes apparent as they hit the grass only to bounce straight back into the air again.

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One man dashes out into the unusual Italian weather to collect some of the stones before running to the camera to show off the ping pong ball sized hailstones.

The hailstones were reported to have been more than 5cm in diameter and are thought to have smashed windows, roof tiles and car windshields as well as injuring a number of people and animals.

According to meteorologists the storm was brought on by a vigorous southward plunge of a jet stream which carved into western Europe. The weather phenomenon sent a strong upper disturbance into the Italian peninsula.

This, in turn, charged up thunderstorms over the Mediterranean Aea before sweeping into Italy, causing the mammoth hailstones to appear.

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