Google's Street View to cover wilderness and building interiors

Users will be able to contribute to the service with their own photos

A New Way to See the World: Google Revamps Street View

Google set to revamp its Street View service by giving users the chance to upload their own pictures and help Google fill in the blanks.

By pulling Street View out of its mapping service, Google wants to expand beyond roads by adding wilderness areas and building interiors to the platform.

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This would mean that while you are virtually travelling along a road or motorway you would be able to head off into the roadside and explore those areas too.

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Bloomberg Technology and Energy spoke to Google Maps' director, Luc Vincent, to learn more.

Speaking about the changes, he said: "We hope that by making this delightful we would also encourage more contribution and sharing of imagery."

He adds: "We don't care just about roads, we care about places and interiors, trails, parks, wilderness. We want to let people experience the world and it's beauty everywhere."

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