Holiday homes teetering over giant 400ft sinkhole

Russia holiday homes could be swallowed up by giant crater

Holiday homes teetering over giant 250ft sinkhole

Up to 20 holiday homes have disappeared into a giant 400ft sinkhole in Russia.

The holiday cottages, near the town of Solikamsk, were unoccupied as they were abandoned back in 2005 amid concerns about the stability of the ground, according to the Express.

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Flooding at local a mine is thought to have eroded the soil, causing the creation of the sinkhole, and officials are now keeping a close eye on it.

Work at the Solikamsk-2 mine has been suspended, with 1,300 employees sent home, reports the Daily Mail.

The area, in the Perm region of the Ural Mountains, is two miles from Solkimask, but was once a popular holiday destination.

The local mayor of Solikamsk told the BBC that there is currently "no danger to industrial and residential sectors of the city".

The sinkhole first appeared last November, and has grown from 120ft wide to 400ft wide.

The BBC adds that mine surveyors are keeping an eye on the hole and taking measurements every ten days. Work is also being done to help stop the crater from growing bigger.

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