Eek! Woman's boat backflip is an epic fail

What happens when woman attempts a somersault off this boat?


Woman's boat backflip is major fail

A woman's unfortunate but hilarious boat backflip fail has been caught on camera - and is an online hit.

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The girl can be see preparing for her big somersault, and goes for it before she loses her footing and heads into an amazing fall off the edge of the boat.

Not quite what she was going for, but it certainly got a reaction.

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We first spotted the footage on the Mirror, but it was originally uploaded to Imgur - with the inspired title 'Swan Dive' - where a number of people had a field day in the comments box.

One wrote: "She's got style, she's got grace, she almost broke her face."

Another mused: "Love the cheerleader pump right before she make her attempt. Reliving the glory days before college and alcohol took over."

Somebody else also commented on that move, writing: "Ha, the cheerleader shrug. It gets me everytime. "READY? OK!"

One person had a handy piece of advice: "Pro Tip: Things get slippery when they are wet", while another pointed out she could have been far more seriously injured: "Had she not slipped as far back, those knee caps would have become breast implants. I shudder at the thought..."

An eagle-eyed fashionista said it was karma for her poor choice of swimwear, blasting: "That is what u get for wearing a top and bottom that don't match!"

And one slightly more empathetic user said: "Let's be real, that can and has happened to everybody at some point."

We're not sure exactly where the so-close-yet-so-far backflip scene occurred, but one user wrote: "I would like to know where this is, certainly looks like Destin, Florida, where I live. It's called Crab Island if it is the place I am thinking."

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