What is it? 'Alien' corpse found on riverbank in Russia

Mysterious corpse leaves scientists baffled


What is it? 'Alien' corpse found on riverbank in Russia

The body of a mysterious-looking 'alien' creature has been found on a riverbank in Russia - and has left scientists baffled.

The tiny corpse has a strange-shaped head, which has left experts scratching theirs.

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According to the Mirror, the body was found on the banks of the River Kovashi on Sunday by two locals.

It was located in the town of Sosnovy Bor, near the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.

The body was also looked at by experts from the Institute of Biophysics in Krasnoyarsk - but nobody has been able to identify exactly what it is yet.

The Express reports that one researcher said: "It seems that this body is neither fish nor fowl - this creature has a mysterious skull, no neck and wings."

Some local residents believe the creature could be a product of teratogenic mutation due to nuclear contamination from the nearby plant.

Of course, it's also got alien enthusiasts excited.

According to the Inquisitr, Scott Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, said: "A tiny alien body was found near a river in Russia and has no resemblance to any animal known. Russian scientists are confused over what it could be and said they need to wait for the results of the tests."

The body will be sent to Moscow for those further tests.

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