Fishermen save two kittens from river (cute video)

Emotional fishermen rescue abandoned kittens seeking help

Fishermen save two kittens that swim up to their boat
Watch a Fisherman Catch and Rescue Two Kittens Swimming in River

Two men who went on a fishing trip in Alabama recently were shocked to find two kittens swimming towards their boat.

Jason Frost and his friend Brandon Key were out on the Warrior River on Saturday morning when they came across a lot more than just fish.

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They seem quite overwhelmed when they spot a tiny kitten swimming towards their boat.

Jason says it's the "craziest thing I've ever seen" as he leans over to rescue the kitten from the water.

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But as he puts it on the boat he is stunned to see another little kitten swimming towards them.

He says "I've got you" as he picks the second moggy out of the water.

Speaking to Alabama Today, Jason said he believed the kittens were dumped by the river.

Online readers commented on the story, with one writing: "Great job rescuing those cats, it's sad that someone would dump them like that."

Another said: "This is amazing. The cats were abandoned but then jumped off dry land to swim to people in a boat."

And one user laughed: "Born and raised in Alabama and been to every county and seen a lot of things but never heard of Kitten River."

And there's a happy ending for the 'twin' cats as Jason found a family with two children who wanted to take them in.

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