Oops! £120k Bentley gets stuck on beach in Cornwall

Motorist stranded after family barbecue on beach

£120k Bentley gets stuck on beach in Cornwall

A motorist was left a little red-faced when he got his £120,000 Bentley stuck on a beach in Cornwall.

The driver obviously underestimated the weight of his 2.5-tonne car and the Continental Flying Spur got stuck fast in the sand at Marazion, near Penzance.

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He had ventured onto the beach to enjoy a barbecue with his family, but found the car was stuck when he went to leave.

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According to the Daily Telegraph, a team of locals spent five hours trying to free the car before it was eventually pulled away by a local farmer's tractor.

The unfortunate scene was captured on camera by local Ryan Eddy.

He told the Daily Mail: "There is a car park where you are supposed to park, but he drove straight down onto the beach.

"It was a Russian lad who owned it, about 23-years-old I think. He was stuck there for a fair while, five or six hours.

"Luckily he was just above the tide line. He was really thankful when we got him out, he didn't really know what to say."

It's not the first time a super-expensive car has got stuck on a Cornish beach.

Back in early 2014, tourists and locals were shocked to see a bright green £240,000 Ferrari sports car stuck on the beach at Watergate Bay near Newquay.

The 458 Spider, which has a top speed of 200mph, got stuck while being used during a shoot for Official Ferrari Magazine.

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