World's longest tunnel slices through the Swiss Alps

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is 35 miles long

World's Longest Tunnel Now Slices Through The Swiss Alps

Work on the world's longest and deepest tunnel has finally been completed.

The 35 mile long rail tunnel, which runs directly through the Swiss Alps, has been under construction for 15 years and has cost the country $10.3 billion.

The Gotthard Base Tunnel slices through the Alps, ismade of concrete and steel.

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The epic construction is double the length of the world's second longest, the Seiken Tunnel in Japan.

Safety tests of the tunnel will begin in October and more than 3,000 runs will be made to ensure that it is fit for purpose.

Passengers using the tunnel will be travelling at speed of more than 150 miles an hour and it's said the Gotthard Base Tunnel will be the safest stretch of railway in Switzerland.

Amazingly the project remained on schedule during the entire construction process, with no delays.

The inaugural journey will take place during a festival in June 2016, with regular service beginning in December of the same year.

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