Weird hotel stories: Yes, these really happened

Hotels around the world reveal some of the strangest things they have witnessed


Naked guests running through hotel lobbies, a guest confusing a safe with a microwave and another's cat giving birth to seven kittens in a Barcelona hotel (that doesn't allow pets) are just a few of the hilarious events that have taken place in hotels around the world.

With the holiday season in full swing, hoteliers from Istanbul to Las Vegas are experiencing the funny, awkward and peculiar, as they remember moments of debauchery and scandal that have already taken centre stage in their hotels.

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If walls could talk – especially hotel walls! But as they don't, asked its hotel partners for some of their top secret hotel stories and they didn't hold back. The hotels gave an incredible sneak peek into the unbelievable events that have unfolded behind the closed doors of hotels.

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Have a read of some of the most bizarre stories below and don't forget to leave a comment to tell us if you have witnessed anything weirder at a hotel.

Weird and funny hotel stories

Weird and funny hotel stories

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