Adorable puppy can't bury his ball (video)

This little guy seems to be struggling with his toy!

Puppy Doesn't Know How to Bury Ball

Like humans, lots of dogs enjoy a trip to the beach. Open spaces, sand, sea... what's not to love?

This little guy doesn't seem to be any exception, having a great time playing with his ball on the shoreline. But it isn't really going quite to plan.

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'Boris' appears to be trying to bury his tennis ball deep in the sand, presumably for safe keeping.

But, instead of succeeding in hiding his toy he only seems to be pushing himself further away from the ball.

After a while the little dog receives some constructive criticism from his owner, who says: "Boris, that's not how you bury your ball!"

Undeterred, the puppy keeps plugging away in the hopes of hiding his toy once and for all.

This adorable puppy's family are lucky they made it as far as the beach, especially after we reported on a family last year who lost all their holiday cash thanks to their naughty pooch.

Donnah Dear and Ben Lawson's labrador chewed up £400 worth of notes while his owners went out to pick up some last minute holiday shopping.

The couple were lucky enough to 'retrieve' the money and the bank even let them cash it in despite its mangled state!

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