Daredevil parkour artist performs backflip on 700m high cliff

Toby Segar performed a series of stunts on the Trolltunga cliff in Norway

Daredevil parkour artist performs backflip on 700m high cliff

It's fun to spice up your holiday with a few activities but one Brit took this to the next level.

Toby Segar, 21, from Surrey was in Norway when he decided to take his life into his own hands to a perform a series of death-defying stunts on the edge of a 700m high cliff.

Trolltunga in Norway juts out from the side of a mountain above the Ringedalsvatnet lake.

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The cliff's name translates as 'troll's tongue' and, given its bizarre shape, we can see why.

From backflips to high jumps, Tobys' confidence in his abilities is obvious when you look at the evidence. At one point the 21-year-old daredevil takes the weight off his feet as he casually takes a seat right on the edge of the precipice.

Although it's not clear how wide the rock is at this point, the fact that it's 700m above the ground is enough to make anyone tingle with fear.

Toby says: "Everyone is scared of heights, it just takes time to learn how to deal with that fear rationally.

"The scary bit was standing on the very edge of the overhang in preparation for the backflip.

He added: "It might sound crazy, but nothing can go wrong after take-off."

According to the Mirror, Toby is a parkour artist and even though his usual work place is a little more urban than Trolltunga he loves the opportunity to perform in front of more dramatic scenery.

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