World's worst airlines revealed - and some are worse than Ryanair!

Asian airline Air Koryo rated the worst on the planet by Skytrax

Plane - Boeing 777 coming in to land at sunset.

Ryanair has been voted one of the world's worst airlines, receiving just two stars for quality by UK-based aviation consultancy Skytrax.

But while Ireland's low-cost airline didn't fare well in the rankings, the world's worst airline, with just one star, was revealed as North Korea's Air Koryo.

The carrier received a poor rating for its ageing aircraft. Air Koryo has not purchased a new aircraft for over 20 years and its pilots are forced to fly without digital assistance.

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According to Traveller24, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is attempting to reinvigorate the airline's image.

Air Koryo flies to 14 airports in six countries and was banned from entering EU airspace in 2006 over safety and maintenance concerns. The ban was later lifted for some of its fleet.

One of 22 airlines which received two stars for quality, Ryanair was joined by carriers including Bahamasair, China United Airlines, Nepal Airlines and Pegasus Airlines.

Skytrax says: "The 2-Star Airline Rating includes airlines that are delivering a lower total Quality performance, in some instances below the industry average across many rating categories. A 2-Star Airline rating signifies an inconsistent or lower Quality of Product and /or front-line Staff Service for the Onboard and home-base Airport environments."

For 1-Star Airlines, it says: "The 1-Star Airline Rating represents a poor quality of Product delivered across the assessment sectors, combining with low and/or inconsistent standards of front-line Staff Service for the Onboard and home-base Airport. There is currently one airline classified in the 1-Star Airline category."

Despite its two-star rating, Ryanair was praised by travellers for its value for money, cabin staff service and seat comfort. One customer reviewing the airline wrote: "First time flying with Ryanair, chosen for the best price for our journey.... Did the airline get us from A to B safely with no hassle? Yes they did so won't have any qualms about flying with the again."

BOLGNA, ITALY - November 23, 2014: Ryanair Jet airplanes interior view. Ryanair is the biggest low-cost airline company in the w

Another said: "I would just like to say that I have flown with Ryanair now for a number of years, have always left and arrived on time, I think there is too many negative reviews but I have always been happy with Ryanair and I recently had to go to London on work business which was with another airline and was delayed both ways. Ryanair is a no frills airline but the staff are attentive and pleasant."

Meanwhile, one customer, who said they would not recommend the airline, wrote: "This is the first and last time I would fly with Ryanair. We are a family of 4, I have a 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son. This airline expected my 5 year old to sit on his own at the front of the plane and my 9 year daughter to sit at the back."

The continued: "On the return flight we had to pay an additional amount to ensure the safety of my children, I think this is a disgrace, we paid for our flights and shouldn't have to pay more. It's common sense to put young children with their parents."

World's worst airlines, according to Skytrax (alphabetical order)

One star:

Air Koryo

Two stars:
Air Italy
Biman Bangladesh
Bulgaria Air
China United Airlines
Cubana Airlines
Iran Air
Lion Air
Mahan Air
Nepal Airlines
Onur Air
Pegasus Airlines
Rossiya Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Sudan Airways
Tajik Air
Turkmenistan Airlines
Ukraine Int'l Airlines

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