Why giant mouse-sized spiders could invade your home

They're getting bigger and bolder

Why giant mouse-sized spiders could invade your home

Arachnophobes, be warned... huge three-inch spiders the size of small mice could be about to set up camp in your house.

Thanks to a wet spring and balmy summer, Giant House Spider numbers and sizes have been boosted as they've had lots of juicy insects to feed on. And the slightly scary news is they're now looking for a warm, dry place to mate - and each female gives birth to at least 60 spiderlings at time. Eek.

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According to the Metro, Dr Claire Rind, a neurobiologist from Newcastle University, said: "The males are on the hunt for females, and after a wet spring and lovely summer there are more insects around, which provide food for the Giant House Spiders, which have grown quicker and bigger.

"Some could have leg spans the size of a tiny mouse, though their bodies are actually quite small – I've some big spiders the size of a rat and their bodies are huge by comparison."

"But I think the fact that they are very leggy is what people don't like."

Forgot that spring clean? Now's the time to do it, because Dr Rind says there's a simple way to keep them at bay - dusting.

Speaking to the Chronicle Live, she added: "Males sometimes sample the silk that females leave behind, tasting it to see if it is from the same species, and if it is following them - so it's a good reason to dust."

And if you do come across them, don't forget they are actually harmless, and should be removed kindly.

Claire added: "Use a jam jar and a postcard to take the spider outside. There's really no need to fear them."

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