UK weather: Temperatures to reach 30C this weekend!

But it could be the last blast of summer...

UK weather: Temperatures to reach 30C this weekend!

Let's face it, August has been a bit of a letdown. But it seems to be trying to redeem itself as temperatures could reach a positively hot 30C this weekend.

The bad news? The warmth isn't going to stretch all the way up North, and not everybody will feel the heat.

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Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "A cold front will divide the country with some very warm to hot weather reaching the south and east on Saturday, and the east hanging on to warmth on Sunday too.

"The north and west will be a lot cooler and along the diving across the west and middle of the country there will be a lot of rain.

"The latest forecasts keep the south east dry and sunny on Saturday with temperatures in the high 20s, or even 30C.

"Thunderstorms will develop over central England and another band of steady moderate to heavy rain across Cornwall and west Wales. Storms and heavy rain will become more widespread and move north from central to northern Britain on Saturday night, with local flash floods possible."

Moving into Sunday, Leon says: "A slow moving band of heavy rain will lie north to south over the western side of the UK and gradually swing eastwards across southern areas. The east clearer and mostly sunny, so big contrasts east to west.

"Rainfall this weekend could possibly see 100mm in places. That's a months' worth in 48 hours.

"Depending on the orientation of the rain band on Sunday, eastern England may again reach 25 to 27C on Sunday while the west may struggle to reach 18C. Northern and eastern Scotland will be warm too with temperatures in the low 20s."

And next week? "There will be low pressure over the UK, and a deeper area of low pressure to the west from mid-week," said Leon. "The wettest areas will be the north and west. It will often be windy too, especially over the west.

"There'll be cooler temperatures for the first few days, but as winds back around to the south later next week temperatures should lift again over the south to end the week, reaching the mid-20s.

"The holiday weekend will be cooler again with showers over the north and west. As pressure builds to the south the weather should become drier later over the south and begin to warm up again."

Not all bad news, then...

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