Nice offers the best holiday experience in the world, according to Twitter

French beach city is world's best travel destination based on tweets, posts and comments from travellers

Beach and Promenade des Anglais in Nice

Nice offers the most enjoyable holiday experience for travellers, a new Twitter study has revealed.

The South of France hotspot was favoured by social media users for living up to its name of being a 'nice' place to holiday.

Behind Nice (41 per cent positive travel posts), which also topped the Twitter charts for having the best-loved beaches among holidaymakers, the research, commissioned by, revealed some surprising results about the destinations currently described as more rewarding by travellers.

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Dublin (19 per cent) scooped top prize for having the friendliest people, with notable findings from the social media study including the residents of Ireland having good cause to celebrate with a large glass of the black stuff.

Barcelona followed with 18 per cent of positive sentiment from travel-related posts on Twitter, ahead of Cancun (15 per cent), Paris (13 per cent) and Dubrovnik (12 per cent).

Ha' Penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland

The panoramic views provided by world-famous Manhattan skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Centre were only enough to give New York the runners-up spot for having the most amazing views. The top prize for holiday views was awarded to the Mexican coastal resort of Cancun.

Nice topped the Twitter charts for the destination where travellers most like to get 'beached' in the sand on holiday, just ahead of the City of Gaudi, Barcelona. Surprisingly, despite having the world famous Copacabana and being visited by thousands of sports fans during last year's FIFA World Cup, Brazil's Rio came last for receiving positive social sentiment about its beaches.

And when it comes to tingling traveller's taste buds with the best food, Croatia's Dubrovnik just pipped the Catalan inspired cuisine of Barcelona (2nd) and the Czech Republic's 'Heart of Europe', Prague (3rd). The world famous Gaelic food of France was only ranked eighth among travel fans on Twitter.

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