Blue whale upstages BBC presenter (video)

Blue whale shows off its perfect comic timing in Big Blue Live programme

BBC presenter upstaged by blue whale (video)

A clip from an exciting new BBC programme, Big Blue Live, shows the moment a blue whale upstages the presenter who was bemoaning the fact that he hadn't seen any whales.

Zoologist Mark Carwardine is seen talking to the camera about how difficult it is to find the elusive animals, despite the fact that they are utterly enormous, when one decides to turn up at that very moment.

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The scene was shot in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, and sees Mark reel off a list about why the animals are so hard to find.

He says: "Here we are, we've spent all day since first light looking in one of the world's hotspots for blue whales, but we haven't seen a thing.

"There are all sorts of reasons why, one is of course, being whales, they spend most of their lives under water out of sight, so we could be going right by them and have no idea they're there."

He added that when there are a lot of waves and 'white cap' on the sea, it's hard to spot if there's a blow.

"It's so challenging. You know they're here, you just jolly well can't find them,' he said.

At that very moment, as if right on cue, a blue whale spurts water into the air through its blowhole, and Mark laughs: "Oh look, there is one! There's a whale right there. I didn't think it would be that easy. Talk of the devil."

The crew in the background also fall about laughing and someone can be heard saying: "You couldn't have made that up."

The BBC Earth video was uploaded onto YouTube and has been viewed nearly a million times.

Wonders of the sea

Wonders of the sea

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