Cute animals that you never knew were dangerous

Pandas, bottlenose dolphins and deer are deadlier than they appear

Top 10 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals
The bottlenose dolphin, deer and the panda are some of the world's surprising dangerous animals.

Rarely harmful to humans, if the bottlenose dolphin does choose to attack, the last place you will want to be is in the water with it. Along with the also unexpectedly aggressive short finned pilot whale, bottlenoses boast strong power which should not be underestimated.

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The cone snail looks harmless but it is a ruthless predator which can paralyse a fish in seconds, with 100 different toxins in its venom. Sporting colourful shells, the snails are best admired from a distance. There is no known anti-venom and human deaths have been attributed to cone snail stings in the past.

Thought deer were harmless? An animal that shouldn't be overlooked in the danger ranking, deer are not to be approached and several deer-human confrontations have shown that they fight fierce when they feel threatened.

Another surprisingly dangerous animal is the hooded pitohui, a poisonous bird which is native to New Guinea. When handled, the bird one can expect, at best, a tingling sensation, and at worst, numbness and possible paralysis.

One of the most lethal lava out there is the Assassin Caterpillar, which is responsible for an increasing number of human fatalities in South America. It causes severe internal bleeding for its victims, leading to brain death.

The racoon, beaver and parrot are more animals you never expected to be dangerous.

World's deadliest animals

World's deadliest animals

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