Bus driver fined for parking at bus stop

Traffic warden issues parking ticket after driver stops to pick up snack

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A bus driver in Kent was issued a fine for parking at a bus stop.

The driver made a quick stop on Edenbridge High Street to wait for his scheduled departure time and went to a bakery for a snack.

But when he returned he found a traffic warden had slapped a £70 fine on the Go Coach bus.

According to the Courier, Go Coach has now argued with Sevenoaks District Council that there is nowhere else for the bus to stop.

Matthew Arnold, director at Go Coach, told the newspaper: "The bus has a scheduled ten minute hesitation at this location – unfortunately there simply isn't anywhere else to wait.

"The alternative is for the bus to drive around Edenbridge for ten minutes – but that isn't particularly environmentally-friendly."

Sevenoaks District Council said: "This Penalty Charge Notice was issued in May after the bus was seen to have been parked and left unattended in a bus stop, which is illegal.

"Bus stops should only be used for picking up and dropping off passengers."

The penalty has risen to £105 as Go Coach missed the deadline for payment.

In 2011, traffic wardens slapped a £50 fine on a toy bus after spotting it 'parked' outside a hairdressers.

The miniature bus was put outside Giovanni's Hair Salon in Brighton, East Sussex, by owner Giovanni Cortessi to promote his shop.

Measuring less than a metre-high and just a few feet long, it was occupying a tiny space on the busy road for more than a month.

But, despite being a hit with his clients, boss Giovanni was left stunned after spotting a parking inspector eyeing up the child's plaything.

A furious Giovanni said: "The bus is just a bit of fun, but then one day I spotted this warden eyeing it up ... then he got on his phone to his office, obviously to check whether he should give it a ticket or not.

"He got off the phone and issued the bus with a ticket. I cannot believe they put a ticket on the bus. I only put it there to give people a little smile and promote the salon."

Strange driving laws around the world

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