Huge sinkhole shooting out snails could cover beachgoers in faeces

Mystery hole on Devon beach has opened up for third time since July


Holidaymakers in Devon were treated to a stinky sinkhole spewing snails and seaweed into the air on the beach at Orcombe Point.

The sinkhole is believed to have appeared after part of the beach collapsed. It is more than 6ft wide and could be up to 10ft deep.

According to the Daily Mail, experts have warned that tourists could get covered in human faeces if the collapse hits a sewage pipe.

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East Devon District Council has sealed off the area and says it is investigating.

The council's Nick Christow told Western Morning News: "Our advice is to take precautions, use a bit of common sense and stay out of the area.

"We believe there may be a spring underneath and we're investigating the possibility there might be a cracked or blocked outfall pipe as well."

It is the third time the hole has opened up since July and water has sent seaweed and snails into the air.

Speaking to the Daily Express, kite surfing instructor James Dart said: "I looked over and there were big plumes of water coming out of the beach it was all bubbling up much like a geyser.

"It was probably going about a foot above the beach - it was a quite tremendous sight."

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