Elephants beat the heat at South Korea zoo (video)

Zoo animals enjoy ice blocks and cold showers

Elephants Beat the Heat at South Korea Zoo

As summer in South Korea sees temperatures of 35C, elephants at a zoo are keeping cool with iced and cold showers.

The animals were treated to huge ice blocks with fruits and iced watermelons thrown into their pool.

Visitors at the tourist attraction watched as the elephants were sprayed with water and took a dip in the pool.

Meanwhile, the Siberian tigers were fed with frozen beef liver and the ringtailed lemurs entertained onlookers as they attempted to get to their frozen fruit.

Watching the animals eat frozen fruit to cool down has become one of the zoo's top attractions over the summer.

Animals are often provided with fun treats to keep cool in the zoos. A few years back, a Chicago zoo helped its polar bears and lions beat the heat with giant ice lollies.

Polar bear Hudson was pictured enjoying a huge ice block filled with raisins, peanuts, pears and other fruit, while African lions Isis and Zenda tucked into several large ice blocks filled with chunky meat.

Animals beat the heatwave

Animals beat the heatwave

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