12 animals with absolutely no table manners

These zoo animals don't care it they appear rude - they're HUNGRY

12 Animals That are Hungrier Than You

Honestly. Animals will do anything to get a meal. These beautiful beasts don't care if they appear a tad rude by stealing people's food - after all, we all know that hungry animal is, on the whole, a pretty fearless one.

This funny video compilation shows various creatures displaying their true nature when it comes to mealtimes. From the giraffe who fancies a sip of a zoo visitor's drink to a cheeky monkey who steals away a toddler's treat (cue the tantrum), at least they provide some great entertainment for us humans (even if it means we have to go hungry).

Sometimes, it's not even edible stuff that animals steal, though. This video reminded us of the funny story about the poor old pensioner who had his false teeth stolen by a seagull while he was on the beach recently. Then there was the lemur who stole a zookeeper's camera and started taking selfies, and the shark who stole a diver's camera in the Bahamas... Who says human beings are the cleverest species?

Animal photobombs

Animal photobombs

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