Spanish police fine 'beach hoggers'

Sunbathers caught reserving space on the sand with towels in Costa del Sol resort fined

Two towels under beach umbrella on beach (lens flare)

Holidaymakers at a resort on Spain's Costa del Sol are being fined for reserving a spot on the sand with towels or umbrellas.

Authorities in Torrox, southern Malaga introduced the new law for the summer season, with police officers patrolling the town's beach to look for parasols and towels with no owners.

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According to The Local, local police wait a few minutes to see if the owner is nearby and confiscate the items if they believe they belong to a 'beach hogger'.

Owners can reclaim their towels for a fee of 30 euros (£21).

The BBC reports that more than 30 seizures have been made this year.

Torrox was targeted by officials due to the lack of space on the beach after towels, umbrellas and even tables are left on the sand.

A Torrox council spokesman told TravelMole: "It is infuriating to arrive at the beach and find all the space taken by towels and umbrellas, but hardly any people.

"Our new policy seems to having the desired effect, and as a result there is less wasted space on the beach and more room for everyone."

Leaflets are being handed to tourists with information about the new rules.

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