Revealed! The most dangerous holiday destinations for Brits

Where are the worst sickness and injury hotspots?

Revealed! The most dangerous holiday destinations for Brits

A law firm in Manchester has revealed the most dangerous holiday destination for Brits - after dealing with more than a thousand injury claims just last year.

Nick Harris, head of travel at Simpson Millar, said the most dangerous countries for injury and sickness are Spain, Turkey and Greece.

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Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, he said: "There are lots of inclusive holidays in the peak of summer that mean incidents around the swimming pool and huge outbreaks of illness.

"Last year, one hotel had 260 all fall ill at the same time."

So what are the causes? Dirty money, hot air balloon accidents, undercooked food and filthy pools are just some of the causes.

In Spain, key hazards are reportedly balcony falls, roadside and station robberies, and swimming pool bugs.

Over in Greece, quad bike, moped and car accidents, sexual assault, and violence are key problems, as well as stomach bugs sweeping through hotels.

What to be aware of in Turkey? Water slide accidents, trips and falls, and even fire eaters were highlighted.

The Foreign Office reports that in the last five years, more than 17,000 Brits have ended up in accident and emergency abroad after being injured on holiday through accidents, illness or violence.

Outside of Europe, other troublesome hotspots include Egypt, known for the world's "filthiest money" thanks to the habit of keeping it in shoes. Hot air balloons and camels also feature high on Brits in Egypt accident fails.

Other 'danger zones' include the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Kenya.

According to the Mirror, Nick said: "When you are on a package holiday it is the travel company's responsibility to look after you and this includes ensuring that you are reasonably safe.

"If you do get ill or have an accident or something happens make sure you keep a note of everything that happens and any poor hygiene practices. Make a note of who you speak to and get photos or video evidence if you can."

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