Intense hail storm floods Calgary (video)

The summer storm left the city with water flowing through the streets

Crazy Hail Storm Causes Massive Flooding
Intense hail storm floods Calgary
Sometimes a little light rain during the summer months can be refreshing, but the sudden showers they got in Calgary recently wasn't not quite the same.

Canadians were treated to an intense hail storm that left the streets flooded and the pavements painted a thick white thanks to the large drops of ice falling from the sky.

The footage shows a group of men standing at the top of a ramp of what appears to be a garage.

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Floodwaters can be seen gushing down the entrance as the men feeling can be heard debating whether or not they should let more cars in because their engines are likely to flood in the car park.

Later the film cuts to what appears to be dashcam footage of a car driving down one of the city's main streets.

Here the waters are covering the roads too and a sliver of white clouds can be seen breaking through the threateningly dark sky.

According to CBC News, the city had to deal with more than 200 emergency calls as a result of trees falling during the storm.

Although the footage of the intense storm may be shocking to us, according to Parks spokeswoman Allison Fifield, this is actually fairly typical of the city's weather.

She said: "We anticipate and budget for about five wind events every year around this time, and the requests that came into 311 are typical to every other year."

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