Europe heatwave: Cars are now melting in 37C temperatures

British tourist takes pictures of car melting in Italy

British tourist takes pictures of car melting in Italy heatwave

A British tourist has caught the moment a car actually started melting in a sweltering heatwave in Italy on camera.

John Westbrook, 48, from Folkestone, took pictures as the lights, wing mirrors and window fittings started dripping off a Renault Megane that was parked near the beach in the town of Caorle in northern Italy.

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According to the Mirror, John said: "We drove past and just couldn't believe what we were seeing. Bits of the car were literally dripping off on to the road.

"Even bits of the bumper were melted and the wing mirrors were starting to buckle."

John snapped the images while enjoying a holiday with his wife and son.

He said the temperatures had been soaring the whole time they were there.

According to The Sun, he added: "As soon as you leave the hotel it's like walking into an oven."

The paper adds that record temperatures in Italy killed 140 pensioners in 10 days last month, while 700 people died in France due to the blistering heat.

Travel organisations have been warning British tourists about the killer heatwave across much of Europe.

The Association of British Travel Agents (Abta) warned British travellers to keep hydrated and stay protected in the sun.

A spokeswoman told theIndependent: "Holidaymakers should avoid the beaches at midday when the sun is at its hottest. People should also make sure they drink lots of water and use a high factor suntan lotion when they are outside.

"Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable and parents are advised to take extra care in the sun."

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