Man 'catches Bigfoot' on camera before dog chases it away

Tourist was warned of bears in the area but believes he saw a Sasquatch


A tourist in North Carolina claims he spotted Bigfoot but his Yorkshire terrier scared it away.

Eric Walters had rented a cabin near Asheville with his family and decided to go for a walk with his dog Zippy.

He said that neighbours had warned him of bear activity in the area and told him to be cautious.

On Thursday, he thought he saw a bear so took out his phone to film the creature.

Speaking to WBTV, he said: "I quickly realized it was not a bear, but a Sasquatch.

"Zippy could tell I was scared and got so riled up that he got loose and went after it."

Walters told ABC11 that his dog was heroic and added: "Yorkies are small in size, but bigger than even a Sasquatch in heart."

Last year, three men said they caught footage of Bigfoot while fishing in Virginia.

Randy O'Neal, his father and his uncle were angling on the Intercoastal waterways when they spotted what they believed to be a Sasquatch on the opposite shore.

Ryan uploaded the pictures and a back story in a video on YouTube, and defied users to prove it was fake, writing: "Feel free to pause, copy, zoom, dissect, or whatever you need to do to prove this is fake."

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