Australian hotel apologises for typo after 'grilled Aborigine' offered on menu

Spelling error saw 'Grilled Moroccan Aborigine and Rocket Salad' served in hotel restaurant

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A five-star hotel in Australia has apologised after it accidentally misspelled the word aubergine and offered 'Grilled Moroccan Aborigine and Rocket Salad' on the menu.

ABC journalist Liz Foschia spotted the error at the Hyatt Canberra on Friday and tweeted a photo of the menu card.

According to ABC, the hotel responded with the tweet: "Definitely a unique menu option! Hope it's as good as it is complicated :) Have a fabulous day at Hyatt Canberra."

This was later deleted. reports that the luxury hotel apologised in a statement which read: "Hyatt Hotel Canberra is sincerely sorry that one of today's salads was mislabelled and we deeply apologise for any offence caused. Hyatt Hotels is a multi-cultural company and an equal opportunity employer."

In 2013, a hotel in Germany apologised for promoting a "romantic Kristall Nacht spa evening" on the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht - Night of Broken Glass - when the Nazis attacked and murdered Jews across the country in 1938.

The online advert was made by the Kristall Sauna-Wellness Park hotel in Bad Klosterlausnitz, Thuringia, eastern Germany.

According to the BBC, the hotel removed the advert after realising the gaffe and made its apologies on Facebook. The owners said they often include the name Kristall on promotions, but realised this time was "insensitive and extremely inappropriate".

The Jerusalem Post reports that an employee from the Kristall Sauna-Wellness Park said that the advertisement was a "misunderstanding and refers to the name of the firm."

Silly signposts spotted by travellers

Silly signposts spotted by travellers

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