Would you stay here? Hotels with the worst names

Anus Lodge, Abad Hotel and Hotel Ass some of the silliest names for hotels


Would you book a stay at Hotel Ass, Resist Bacteria Hotel or Anus Lodge? These are some of the worst names for hotels around the world where you might feel more than embarrassed to check in.

Elephant Butte in New Mexico, Step Back Inn in Colorado and Thong Lo Hotel in Bangkok are other hotels where most of us would think twice about staying.

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But these names are nowhere near as unfortunate as Hotel Kuntz in Paris, Baltic Bitch Hotel in Russia or Hotel Swastika in India, where the swastika is an ancient symbol of luck.

Unfortunate name for a Hotel

While their names might not be attractive, some of the world's hotels with terrible names have received high ratings from travellers, such as The Wort Hotel in Wyoming, which was described as a "very cool rustic lodge" by one guest and the "best in town with smiling service" by another.

Scandic Hell in Norway has even been praised for keeping "both kids and parents happy" and described as "not bad for Hell".

Meanwhile, travellers looking for cheap accommodation in Turkey may be put off staying at Abad hostel in Antalya, but not as much as you will want to avoid a stay at Resist Bacteria Hotel in China.

Have you come across a bizarre hotel name on your travels? Leave a comment below.

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