Man cheats death as Range Rover crashes into London bus stop

Shocking moment man walks away from Dalston bus stop seconds before crash

Man cheats death as Range Rover crashes into London bus stop

A pedestrian has had a very lucky escape after avoiding almost certain death by seconds when a Range Rover crashed into a bus stop in London.

The man had got off a double decker bus and spent a little time checking out the bus timetable before walking off.

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Just a few seconds later, a Range Rover Evoque attempting an overtaking manoeuvre lost control and completely obliterated the timetable post where the man had been standing.

The white car had been attempting to pass another vehicle when it lost control and swerved off the road.

The incident occurred at 6am on Saturday morning on Kingsland High Street in Dalston, east London, reports the Daily Mail.

And, it seems, the pedestrian wasn't the only one who had a lucky escape.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, a cyclist who witnessed the incident said: "Two cars were driving side by side, one completely lost control and smashed into a lamppost.

"[The] car swerved across the street. Was on my bike, would have been brown bread if I was 30 seconds earlier!

"Craziest thing I've ever seen."

Unbelievably, nobody in the car was injured either. A number of passersby came over to help the driver out of the vehicle after the crash, however.

The Met Police confirmed the incident and said it was trying to trace the driver of the Range Rover.

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