Awesome in-flight gadgets you'll wish you had invented

Cool and quirky travel gadgets to take on a plane, from the controversial Knee Defender to the Duvet Suit


Air travel can often be the cause of cramped legs, a stiff neck and lack of sleep, but there are a few travel gadgets that offer you a comfortable flight - if you don't mind a few stares.

Whether you desire complete privacy from other passengers, don't fancy catching germs from your meal tray, or would like to stop the person in front from reclining their seat (you may want to read this first), there's a gadget for everything.

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The B-tourist (pictured above) might be the most anti-social in-flight accessory we have ever seen, but it's perfect for eating, sleeping and reading on a plane while pretending no-one else exists. Always getting hot and sweaty on a flight? You need the Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Jacket, a not-so-stylish jacket featuring two cooling fans that waft a refreshing breeze around its wearer - this one is guaranteed to attract strange looks from your fellow passengers.

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There are some genius gadgets that you won't want to forget to pack, such as the NapAnywhere, a head support pillow that offers much more than U-shaped travel pillows, with a shelf to rest your head. It's ideal if you're sat in the middle seat. Clean freaks will love the trayGUARD, an antimicrobial tray table cover that provides an instant hygienic surface for flyers so you don't have to worry about catching flu germs on your travels.

Browse the world of weird and wonderful in-flight gadgets below.

Coolest gadgets for flights

Coolest gadgets for flights

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