Cyclist falls in front of black cab after swerving to avoid car door

Man was very lucky to escape without injury

Cyclist falls in front of black cab after swerving to avoid car door

A London cab driver caught the moment a cyclist fell into his path after he was forced to swerve to avoid an open car door.

The incident occurred along Mile End Road between Stepney Green and Whitechapel stations on Monday, reports the Mirror.

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The cyclist can be seen riding up to a row of parked cars, before a motorist in one of them suddenly opens a door, causing the cyclist to fall off his bike in front of the black cab.

The cabbie slams on his brakes and manages to stop just in time to avoid seriously injuring the cyclist, who miraculously manages to walk away from the accident.

The taxi driver posted the video on Twitter, under the name AllLondonBoy, and wrote: "Dis was me earlier [sic], Was really close. If I didn't had eyes on rd or if dat ws a Uber den dis guy would have been gone 2day."

According to the Evening Standard, the driver said the cyclist was ultimately fine, tweeting: "Just spoke to cyclist, he's nice n well. Man wants to take me out for a drink now."

The paper adds that one user commented: "Lucky rider. Could have been killed instead of just doored."

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