British holidaymakers warned over searing heatwave in Cyprus

Car thermometers are hitting 63C


British holidaymakers warned over Cyprus heatwave

British holidaymakers in Cyprus are being warned to stay safe and hydrated as a scorching heatwave hits the country.

Roadside weather equipment in Nicosia had recorded temperatures of 57C, while motorists reported car thermometer readings of 63C. Air temperature across the island has reached 43C.

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Speaking to the Mirror, the Abta Travel Association said: "These are the temperatures you usually associate with places like Iraq.

"We would advise people to avoid the beaches at midday when the sun is at it hottest. Watch what the locals do and spend lunchtime in the shade.

"It sounds obvious but drink lots of water, use your hotel's air conditioning and use a high factor suntan lotion."

Indeed, the Met Office told the paper that while Cyprus is always hot in August, it's even warmer than usual because it's feeling the effects of a heatwave in the Middle East.

One British expat Benjamin Bailie said: "Leaving the air-conditioned office is like opening an oven door and the sand is too hot to stand on."

Many people have taken to social media to comment on the heatwave, with one girl tweeting a picture of herself driving with oven gloves on to beat the steering wheel heat.

And it's not just holidaymakers being warned. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Labour in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has imposed a four-day work ban, to be observed between midday and 4pm, starting next week.

BGN News reports the ban seeks to protect outdoor labourers, and workplaces that do not comply with then ban will be subject to a fine.

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