Nose pegs handed out at Chessington Zoo due to penguin poo smell

Guests given free pegs at tourist attraction

nose pegs at zoo

Staff at Chessington World of Adventures Resort's zoo are handing out free nose pegs to visitors because their new penguin enclosure has an unbearable stench.

Customers at the tourist attraction have been complaining about the fishy smell and zoo staff were quick to come up with a solution.

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Not only do the flightless birds consume huge quantities of the fish but they use their faeces - or guano - to line their nests, which is adding to the odour and causing a number of disgruntled guests to moan.

Now thanks to the introduction of brightly coloured pegs, visitors can enjoy the resort's new Penguin Bay without the undesirable smell.

Jamie Mainds, Zoo Experience Supervisor at Chessington World of Adventures, said: "We have had a few comments from our guests going through the new walkthrough about the fishy smell - especially during feeding time!

"We want to ensure our guests enjoy their experience with us, and thought some pegs might solve the problem."

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