Man's severed finger saved by Mr Whippy ice cream

Ice cream lady plunged man's finger in icy treat

Ice cream with chocolate flake - a taste of summer

An ice cream lady in Devon saved a man's finger by plunging it into a Mr Whippy ice cream cone after he severed the digit in his car door.

Ice cream seller Ruby Drake had just sold the customer a lolly when he ran back to her van with his injured finger.

The North Devon Journal reports that quick-thinking Ruby grabbed the ice cream and plunged his finger in before stopping the bleeding with a tea towel and putting his finger in an ice bucket.

He was rushed to hospital where it was reattached.

The man was taken to the Accident and Emergency unit at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth where his finger was reattached.

According to the Daily Mail, surgeons said if Ruby had not kept his finger cold, he would have lost it.

Ruby said: "He had just bought an ice cream from us and was heading back to his car.

"Next thing, he was rushing back to us and asking for an ambulance - he'd severed the top of his finger off.

"It was bleeding, so the main thing was making sure he didn't lose too much blood."

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