Man injured after shooting armadillo

Texas man wounded in the head after firing bullet

Texas Man Shot After Bullet Bounces Off Armadillo

A man from Texas was injured on Thursday when he shot at an armadillo and the bullet ricocheted, hitting his head.

The man spotted the armadillo in his garden and opened fire.

Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe told Reuters: "His wife was in the house. He went outside and took his .38 revolver and shot three times at the armadillo."

According to The Huffington Post, the bullet ricocheted off a rock and struck the man in the jaw.

He was airlifted to hospital and his injuries were not life threatening.

Chief Deputy Roy Barker told The Huffington Post: "This is the country, and we have a lot of armadillos. Sometimes they can be kind of destructive and dig things up in the yard, like plants and gardens. So it's not uncommon."

Armadillos are famed for their leathery armour shells and while they have short legs, they can move very quickly.

It is not known if the armadillo escaped unharmed.

In April, a man accidentally shot his mother-in-law with a 9mm pistol while trying to shoot an armadillo in Georgia.

The armadillo died from the shot, but the bullet ricocheted off the animal, hit a fence and went into the back door of his mother-in-law's mobile home.

It went through the recliner where the 74-year-old woman was sitting and into her back.

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